Commercial Ford Tax Benefits in Baxley, GA

Section 179 Tax Savings

When you purchase a vehicle for business use, you may claim a deduction on your income tax return for that cost. This means deducting your vehicle's worth from your gross income before calculating your taxes. 

If you're looking for commercial vehicle tax benefits in Baxley, GA, you've come to the right place. Our commercial vehicle tax benefits can save you thousands of dollars on your new vehicle purchase. If your business requires a new truck or fleet of trucks, now is the perfect time to buy a new truck or fleet of vehicles from Woody Folsom Ford in Baxley, GA. Get in touch with Woody Folsom Ford in Baxley, Georgia, if you have any questions!

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What Is Section 179?

Many tax benefits are available to businesses through the government, including the ability to deduct some of their business expenses from their tax bill. Thanks to the Section 179 tax benefit, you have the chance to save a ton of money on a brand-new Ford that will help your company grow.

By using Section 179, you can immediately deduct the entire cost of a business car from your gross income, as opposed to depreciating it over time as required by IRS standards. The deduction limits are subject to an annual inflation adjustment and may change yearly.

Does Section 179 Have Any Qualifications?

Could you use a tax-saving tip this year? How would you like to receive a tax deduction for a commercial vehicle? At Woody Folsom Ford, you can take advantage of this deduction on a wide choice of SUVs and trucks.

Ford commercial cars are eligible for section 179 deductions for the current tax year. You deserve to be a business owner. And if you're worried about whether you qualify, the Georgia section 179 tax break is available to any business that finances, purchases, or leases a Ford commercial vehicle.

Also, if you plan to use your Ford truck, sedan, or van for work more than 50% of the time, you are eligible to take advantage of section 179 tax deductions. With benefits like these, there's no reason not to work with Woody Folsom Ford.

Contact Woody Folsom Ford for More Info on Commercial Ford Tax Benefits in Baxley, GA

Here at Woody Folsom Ford, we think it's time businesses started taking advantage of the commercial car tax benefit. Additionally, most business owners prefer to write off the entire purchase price as soon as possible. The ability to write off has made a huge difference to businesses. Small businesses in Baxley, GA, that need commercial vehicles right away can get financing from Woody Folsom Ford through Section 179. It's simple and easy and could save your business thousands of dollars.

The first step is finding your new commercial vehicle for a tax deduction at Woody Folsom Ford. Once you do that, all that's left is to fill out some paperwork and send it in--and then let our team help you save more in your business. Contact us today to enjoy the commercial tax allowance in Baxley, GA.